LINE Points

Ads able to reach LINE users across the world

About LINE Points

LINE Points is a new rewards service that lets users earn and spend Points on LINE services, at the register, or when shopping online.Users can earn Points not only by downloading recommended apps and watching videos, but also through using LINE services and other everyday activities.The Points that users earn can be used to buy LINE stickers and themes, as well as spent on daily purchases through LINE Pay.Advertising through LINE Points means access to one of the largest smartphone audiences in the world and a wealth of video promotion possibilities.

  1. When you use an app or watch a video…

  2. Users receive Points for completing actions.

  3. Points can be used to purchase stickers and themes.

3 Key Advantages

  • Global Reach

    Advertise to users in more than 155 countries and regions, with a focus around Asia, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and more.

  • Huge User Numbers

    With over 100 million users on LINE for Android worldwide,LINE Points offers an audience reach that meets and exceeds that of traditional mass media.

  • High Quality Users

    LINE is used by a wide range of men and women, both young and old alike, enabling you to reach users that are hard to reach with standard reward-based ads.

Service Menu

Commercial-Based Promotions (CPI Ads)

Enjoy high volumes of app downloads in a short time. Reach LINE users around the world.

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Video Promotion (CPV Ads)

Build brand awareness or link to TV ads, event promotions, or app download pages using videos. Attract quality users using only a small amount of incentive.

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